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"Now, I'm not asking you to draw something worthy of the Maryland Institute College of Art. Actually, if you did ask MICA how to draw a cell, you would probably end up with something like this--" (draws a parallelogram on the board) "--and here's the nucleus--" (draws a blobby half-circle floating outside of the parallelogram) "--and the Golgi apparatus--" (spiky scribble hanging off the paralellogram) "--and here is the cell's internalized angst." (tiny angry circles in the parallelogram) -Horner

"I went to MIT. And I can tell you that you are all just as smart as the students there. Well, a little better at English, and a lot worse at math..." -Horner, attempting to give a pep talk

Have I mentioned that I love the biology department here yet?
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Taking a break from outlining to post some more quotes:

"You don't have to memorize this. The guys who just walked out do, though. Tell the guys who walked out to memorize this." -Schildbach

"I don't understand. It's like leaving after you've eaten dessert. You have to stay for the boring conversation afterward." -Schildbach, on the guys who just walked out

"...and you get...alcohol. Yay!" -Schildbach

"It's time for another lameass demonstration!" -Schildbach

"I am going to my happy place." -Schildbach, crawling under a table and assuming the fetal position

"This is not from the Neuroscience Department! It would not be up to their standards of intellectual rigor! This is not from Public Health! They would not approve! This is from...Biology!" -Schildbach, passing out Halloween candy in a biohazardous waste bag

"The brain likes to be in control. Except for males in puberty, but..." -Schildbach

"37. I asked my daughter, who is nearly 3, if she would like to help me write an exam question.
She said yes. I asked her what it should be on. She said Elmo. And Dorothy. For those of you
who do not know, Elmo is a muppet character on Sesame Street and Dorothy is Elmo’s pet
goldfish. (Do not think too hard about a muppet owning a living creature - you will hurt yourself.)
Here goes:

Goldfish (including Dorothy) are unusual in that they can tolerate short-term anoxia (complete
oxygen deprivation)..." -Schildbach, on the 2006 midterm

"35. Your excitable lab partner has produced a drug that he swears is worth trillions of dollars in annual
sales. We know this could be true of only two things: a drug that can allow a person to eat and eat
without gaining weight, or a drug that can enable old men to have sex. Fortunately, this question is
about the former." -Schildbach, on the 2007 midterm

"How am I supposed to teach children this junk--I mean, stuff?" -John, Orgo TA, on career possibilities

"I'm going to get kicked out of grad school and have to become a table dancer to support myself!" -John, panicking about an impending exam
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 Taking a break from midterms to post some quotes.

"You all look so depressed. Why are you depressed? Let's talk about happy things." -John, Orgo TA

"He's going to be a ninja because he can. He's living the American dream." -John

"Give us a hug!" -Professor Schildbach, to a student volunteer, running into a table while demonstrating the effect of cholesterol on membrane fluidity at low temperatures

"Thankfully, as you can see, we did not succeed in hugging, she out of revulsion and I out of a desire to keep my job." -Professor Schildbach

"This next demonstration is...ah...well, has anyone ever been to a Grateful Dead concert? It's like there are these guys dancing in the front, and they're, ah...well, you have to be really stoned to do this dance. Is anyone here stoned?" -Professor Schildbach, who then proceeded to do a disturbingly good Stoned Hippie Dance


Nov. 21st, 2008 04:34 pm
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IT IS SNOWING TODAY and I simply love how everyone on campus turns into a small child again when they see big fat clumpy flakes floating down from the sky. Jen and I spent our walk down from Bloomberg trying to catch them on our tongues and it was glorious.

"I love [when it snows] because all of the girls from California go outside in shorts and t-shirts and run around and forget that it's cold. And then they die." -girl in my HoM class
"Evolution at work." -Ami (our TA)


Also also. I have Twitter now and you should all add me (or follow me or stalk me or whatever ridiculous verb it is): simplyirenic


Sep. 10th, 2008 06:50 pm
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Quotes from Physics. These were probably only funny at the time, because everything said in a Russian accent is funny when it's 9 AM and you're a sleep-deprived college student.

"You won't get any credit for answering, but it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling if the answer is right." -Professor Tchernyshyov, on the CPS clickers

"So it wasn't actually a basketball. Sneaky Michael Maggs." -Professor Tchernyshyov, after calculating whether or not the ball in this image could have been the size of a basketball

"No balls were harmed in the process. We will harm some balls later." -Professor Tchernyshyov

In other news, I went to the first TASA meeting because they had promised free food and it was real Asian food (of mediocre quality, but real nonetheless) and it was glorious.


Dec. 18th, 2007 10:14 pm
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"...and the falling action is when Oedipus is - like - 'Whee!'" -Ireny, with appropriate eye-gouging motions
"...'Whee?'" -Ms. DiDona, repeating eye-gouging motions incredulously

(It was hysterical at the time. Don't judge me. -_-)
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Eeeeh...haven't updated in a while. *guilty*

Anyway. My scholarship application for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine apparently failed to please the admissions people sufficiently, so no free ride for Ireny. D: I'll still be applying, of course, but that also means I'll have to get a job this summer so we can pay for it. xD Yay.

Also HOLY CRAP FIFTEEN DAYS UNTIL AP CALC EXAM. *panics* I did the practice test Burkhardt gave us and...oh, man, I got, like, half of the questions without looking at the book, and even when I did look at the book there were still ten questions (out of forty-five or so) I didn't remember how to solve at all.

The Chem and Euro exams will be a breeze compared to this one. If I get a 5 in Calc (which I won't), my half-deaf grandmother will be able to hear it all the way in Taiwan.

In other news, Mike D. is a loser. Sure, virtually pull out of the Science Olympiad team FOUR DAYS BEFORE STATES. D:< What a jerk. I mean, it's no big loss, because he's a whiny pseudo-FOB who doesn't even know where Seattle is, but...gah. *disgruntled*

I'm glad we got the rest of the team schedule worked out, though. :) Now if we can only drag Caroline and Sonya away from Chem Olympiad...

Oh, and Euro quotes! *brought her notebook home again*

Cut for length )
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Stolen from [profile] alaniaflamestar!

To mark the tenth anniversary of World Book Day, a survey has been conducted to find the ten books the nation cannot live without. Over 2000 people voted online, which resulted in the following top 100.

I'm bolding the ones I've read and italicizing the ones I'd like to read.

And...erm...yes. I remembered to bring my AP Euro notebook home with me this weekend, so here are some quotes!

Clickety! )
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Finally remembered to bring my AP Euro notebook home, so here are entertaining quotes from the last three or so chapters. :)

Cut for length... )

Also, because I had quite a lot of trouble breathing after reading this, here's the link to the Uncyclopedia entry on the Battle of Gettysburg. Yeah.
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So! Um. Haven't had Euro quotes here for a while. Here we go (these go pretty far back, like early-October-ish or so):

"I call it the Catholic Stadium!" -Miss Furry, on St. Thomas More Catholic Church

"That's what I do when I'm bored. I list the royal family of England back to WIlliam the Conqueror." -Miss Furry

"I don't go to haunted houses. I don't do that sort of thing. Plus it's in the middle of Palmerton, which is in the middle of nowhere, which is scary in and of itself." -Miss Furry

"...one of those flying nun things with the big hats." -Miss Furry

"These are the days before Saab and Ikea, so Adolphus needs some money." -Miss Furry, on Gustavus Adolphus

"And the Russians were converted to Christianity by...?" -Miss Furry
*dead silence*
"...Jesus?" -Lily

"No, really, there's this foolproof cure for sore throats. You take a spoonful of honey, and you get one of those nasal tape things - " -Jesse
"And then you dance around in a fairy circle and sprinkle flowers around a mighty oak?" -Miss Furry, with accompanying hand motions

"Ah, yes, Mulan. A fount of historical accuracy." -Miss Furry, on the Mongols

"Oh my God! Miss Furry got a haircut!" -Andy, upon seeing Mr. P-Something, our sub

So yeah, today we had a sub, because Miss Furry was out sick, and we had to watch this hilariously low-budget documentary on Peter the Great. It was absolutely hysterical, because every time there was a war or a battle there'd be this shot of a cannon firing, only it was always the exact same cannon and it was the exact same clip, and they didn't even bother moving the cannon around or anything. And the reenactor playing Peter the Great was short and had the fakest mustache known to man, and this is coming from someone who watched Gettysburg all the way through without cracking a smile at the facial hair.

And they kept on showing this painting, right, of Sophia Alekseyevna, except all close-up and creepy, and pretty soon whenever her portrait appeared onscreen the entire class went "WOOOOOOOOOAH SOPHIAAAAAAAAA!" and freaked out the sub. It was great.

...um. Going to try to catch up on NaNo. Am over ten thousand words behind. *is off*
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So we were doing a crossword puzzle in AP Euro today when the conversation somehow turned to musicals, which produced the following comments:

"Since we're doing The Diary of Anne Frank for our fall play, we should switch the spring musical from Aida to The Producers. You know, just to keep a theme and everything." -Erika

(insert literally half the class breaking into "Springtime for Hitler," to the general amusement/horror of Miss Furry and the other half of the class)

"I hate West Side Story." -Miss Furry
"But whyyyyyyyyy?" -Erika
"It's unrealistic. I mean, think about it. It's not that other musicals are realistic. I can take singing nuns. But do you seriously expect me to believe that some guy is going to run down the street in a Hispanic community yelling 'Maria! Maria!' and only one girl is going to answer?" -Miss Furry

"- you have no rights! Come with me, 24601! Now the wheel has turned around - " -Mike, under his breath
"Okay. Shut up now." -Andy
"It's a good song!" -Ireny
"You shut up too." -Andy

I also learned that we're almost definitely doing Les Mis next year for our spring musical. I'd heard the rumors and everything, but it's nice to know it's pretty much confirmed. (Now I just have to hope they don't screw it up.) To my surprise, Mike K. was ecstatic about the news and spent the rest of the period babbling about it. I had no idea he liked Les Mis. xD

He mentioned that he'd love to try out for Javert, and...woah. I seriously never thought about Mike as Javert before. I mean, I knew he sang and everything, but the thought just never crossed my mind. But now that I think about it...holy crap, it could work. The part's in his range and while I think he would look silly in the costume, he'd still look better in it than most people who'd try out for Javert. And he agreed with me when I said Chris B. would make a surprisingly good Valjean, despite the fact that I doubt Chris'd be able to hit the high notes in "Bring Him Home."

This is mildly disturbing. o.o

And now I want to try out for stage crew next year, despite the fact that it would screw my schedule up something horrible, you know? I'm already planning to join Academic Team and I don't want to give up my commitments to Collage and Fencing Club, but...gah. It's Mis. Opportunities like that don't just randomly appear. And there's absolutely no way I'd be able to just sit back and not participate.

...but yeah. I'll worry about all that next year. :P
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...granted, it's too big to use as an LJ icon, but still. xD


AP European History

"Yeah, Anna Karenina...I read it at the beach." -Miss Furry, on reading depressing Russian literature during the summer

"...which is why if you go to Italy, there are lots of statues of people in the streets." -Miss Furry
"I went to Italy over the summer. There were lots of statues. Everything was naked." -Erika
"Yes. Even the people are naked." -Miss Furry

"I want to have a bathroom named after me. Every time someone wanted to go to the bathroom, they'd have to pass by a plaque with my name on it." -Miss Furry, on universities' habits of naming things after patrons
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Vanilor? Eridor? Isidar Mithrim?

May Ilúvatar have mercy on your soul, Paolini.


...actually, scratch that. I hope he smites you and smites you GOOD.

I love my lunch period. Here's why. )



AP European History

"The Italian city-states are the Wal-Mart of the Middle Ages." -Miss Furry

"Let's demonstrate the ability of people to instantly believe what they hear. Who is responsible for September 11?" -Miss Furry
"Al Qaeda." -Us
"Oh, come on, you know that wasn't the answer I wanted." -Miss Furry
"Saddam Hussein!" -Mike, grinning evilly

"You can't have that. It's not healthy. It makes your hair turn white and your heart explode." -Miss Furry, on too much stress
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I'm thirty pages into Eragon and I already know how it'll all turn out. This, I think, is one of those Signs You Are Reading A Bad Book.

Anyway. Mr. Paolini seems to be way, way too fond of his thesaurus. And I've read better prose in fanfic - which, given the quality of some fanfic, isn't saying much, but there you go. Also, Rand al'Thor Luke Skywalker Eragon is, I'm guessing, supposed to be an interesting, engaging, likable character. Instead, I want to smack him over the head repeatedly.

...once I finish, I'll go into all of this in further detail, I assure you. xD

Today was rather nice. ^^ I got a 73 on my Calculus quiz, but since everyone else's scores seemed to be similarly abysmal, Mr. Burkhardt bumped everyone's grades up by three points, so now I have an 86, which is much better than I thought I'd do. ^^; Yeah.

And today we did a RAFT in AP Euro. My group got Prostitution in the Middle Ages. xD I was a Random Whore, Scott was a Lonely Man, and Sneha and Some Girl I Don't Know were Very Respectable Citizens. It would've been twice as good had we been able to pick our groups, but...eh well. xD


History of Western Philosophy

"So imagine you're sitting in class and all of a sudden...uh...Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings walks through the door, pushes poor Dr. Kolman aside, and says that he knows all there is to know. You can ask him a question - but only one. What do you ask him?" -Dr. Kolman
"What is God?" -Lily
"What is the meaning of life?" -Some Guy
"Can I have your autograph?" -Ireny

BubonicWoodchuck: Actually, I sort of lied. That wouldn't have been my question.
ArcticFox547: Well, I know, but it still amuses me. XD
BubonicWoodchuck: It would have been "OH VALAR YOU MET BOROMIR WHAT'S HE LIKE?! OMG!!!"
ArcticFox547: And that amuses me even more. XD
ArcticFox547: Though it's not exactly... unexpected. XP

AP European History

"We are gathered here to discuss the matter of Al's Brothel." -Scott, as a member of the Town Council

"Please do not use a font that looks like little rabbits or frogs." -Miss Furry, on typing up papers
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I suppose I really ought to say something about 9/11 here but I'm pretty sure you've all heard enough of that for today. It's not that I don't care - merely that 1) me + sentiment = not pretty, and 2) there isn't anything I can say that hasn't already been said.


On a considerably lighter note, here are your quotes for today:

History of Western Philosophy

"So I heard about some Emmaus students who want to take a trip to the sun, except they've got a brilliant plan. They're going to go at night." -Dr. Kolman
"..." -The Class
"It's a bad joke. You're supposed to groan and roll your eyes." -Dr. Kolman

AP European History

"So you decide to become a monk. Hey, it's not a bad life. Sit around...make some beer...make some pretzels...honestly, monasteries were like frathouses." -Miss Furry

"I'm the real pope! No, I am! No you're not, you're the antipope!" -Miss Furry, on the Great Schism

"And so we have the pope in Avignon, and the pope in Rome, and now we have the pirate pope!" -Miss Furry, on Pope John XXIII

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...I got your Euro book.

xDDD It's all beat-up. And it looks sad. And I love it already. xD

So today was pretty cool. English was made considerably more tolerable by the fact that we started discussing Beowulf today, and no doubt everyone else thought it was boring but I was actually really interested. ^^; *is a total dork when it comes to BritLit in general*

Oh, right! Quotes for today!

History of Western Philosophy:

“…and we had these giant buttons on the remotes, and when you pushed them they would go baCHOOMP, baCHOOMP, because they were so big…”
-Dr. Kolman, digressing on the subject of television remotes

AP European History:

“You can build a piñata. You can even fill it with candy. Yay, piñata. I don’t care.”
-Ms. Furry, on the small number of assignments in AP Euro

“…so we’re not going to only study dead white guys in AP Euro. Well, okay, we are going to study a lot of dead white guys, but not just dead white guys.”
-Ms. Furry, on the material covered in AP Euro

“And we’ll discuss their offspring, too, because some people had some giant freakishly mutated children and…”
-Ms. Furry, on the material covered in AP Euro

-Ireny, quietly and from the back of the classroom
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First, I will attempt to destroy your childhood (if Griever's post at Terrouge hasn't already):

In Which Disney Has Killed Christopher Robin

And then, I will attempt to amuse you:

In Which One Learns That Squirrels Are Bloodthirsty Little Critters

And finally, I will attempt to make up the damage caused by the first link by providing a multitude of amusing quotes garnered from Military History Online and some other Civil War/history sites:

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