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I haven't posted on here in the longest time, but to make a long story short: I passed all my classes, am back in Baltimore and all moved in, and my research position starts tomorrow. :D Life is good.

Photos of the house and stuff to follow shortly! Just letting you lot know I haven't forgotten about you. ♥

The only current downside is that we have to go to the library for internet at the moment, since Comcast doesn't come until Friday. But that is a small price to pay.


Mar. 17th, 2006 08:55 pm
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Just interviewed my grandmother about her experiences during WWII. Learned the following:

-Everyone on my mother's side suffers from a severe case of CRAZY.
-Grandma has an odd fascination with the atomic bomb.
-And explosions.
-So did Great-Aunt Shu-zhen, apparently, because when the Japanese attacked, she decided she wanted to find out what Japanese airplanes looked like and climbed up on the roof to watch the Japanese attack their town (I kid you not). Apparently she thought it would be fun. And then her right arm was hit by shrapnel and she was sent to a nearby Catholic hospital for six months, during which time she had no-one to talk to but the nuns.

...I'm beginning to think I know where my personality comes from now.

But Eru Il├║vatar, that was fun. We were on speakerphone, and Grandma was on speakerphone too, so every now and then my uncle and my cousins would chip in and it was really entertaining. :D
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Ireny's Weekend:

Volunteer at hospital. Study. Sleep. Wake up. Study. Eat. Study. Eat. Play Chrono Trigger. Study. Eat. Study. Sleep. Wake up. Eat. Go to church. Get home. Study. Eat. Study. Play Chrono Trigger. Study. Eat.

Two days until midterms. >.< Death death doom death doom.
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German quiz on genitive case had this bonus question today: "Was ist 'Herr der Ringe' auf Englisch?"

*sniggers* I love German III. It's so easy.

...Anyway. Feeling incredibly rushed. If I promised you a sock puppet, I'm sorry, but I probably won't be able to get it to you until after Christmas generic winter holiday break.:/ I will get it to you, though. It just might take longer than I expected.


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