Oct. 23rd, 2009 01:01 am
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 Finally done with this round of midterms. Got a relatively high B in Biochem and the Orgo exam didn't feel terrible this morning, so hopefully I'll be all right. I don't know that I got an A in Orgo because I only had two days to study for it, thanks to Biochem, but I don't think I did terribly either. We'll see.

The nice thing about this is that I can finally get back to having something resembling a social life and come off my hiatus at Landel's. I think. I really want to write Soma's patient file but I don't know when I'll have the time. >.> Anyone know when Nightshift ends?

In other news, I finally saw Stubby after my exam this morning! For those of you who've friended me relatively recently, Stubby is a slightly neurotic squirrel who lives on the engineering quad. He is called Stubby because he has a little white tuft of fur where his tail used to be, but he does all right because he is exceptionally good at taking food from other squirrels. Everyone knows who he is and assigns various other names to him, such as Squabit and That Squirrel and What Is That. He isn't always out and about when I pass through the quad, so I hadn't seen him yet this year, but Yang and I spotted him as we came out of Hodson and we stopped to say hi. He came right up to us, so we gave him some of Yang's chewy granola bar. He does look a bit skinnier this year but he'll be all right.

Anyway, seeing him completely made my day. If I end up failing all my classes this year, I'm sure I can go live on the quad with him.
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First of all, hello to my new friends from Landel's! :D In case we haven't formally met (which I don't think we have), my name is Ireny and everyone I fangirl tends to die a tragic death or end up horribly maimed. This is not really everything about me you need to know, but it appears to be the most prominent facet of my personality (if you can even call it part of my personality), and every joke about me or conversation involving me usually wends its way toward "HURR DURR IRENY LIKES DEAD PEOPLE," so it's best to get that out of the way first.

I'm a Biology and German major and I'm hoping to become a pathologist someday. I'm involved in a decent amount of extracurricular stuff, including fencing and Chinese lion dance. Currently, my main fandoms are Les Miserables, Gundam 00, Temeraire, and Doctor Who (although I'm not actually in the fandom for that, I just watch and geek about it with my friends).

I think that's it. No doubt my flist will remind me if I forgot anything. :D

In other news! I am officially enrolled in the JHMI med tutorial! This brings my total credit count to Obscene and royally screws up my schedule (for one, the weekday sessions meet in the evening, which means I can't make Wednesday night Stammtisch anymore, sob sob sob), but I think it will be interesting.

Also, I donated blood again today! Tae, Felice, and I went in the morning and we ran into Dr. Horner, who's been plugging the blood drive for the last week. So we waved at him and he pointed at my Biologists Are Twisted T-shirt and gave me a thumbs-up. And then we all sat in the front row during Biochem Lab lecture with our bandaged arms very prominently displayed. Let it never be said that we missed a chance to suck up.

And finally, President Obama, what do you think you're doing, hanging out with sabreurs? I always had you pegged as a foilist.

hurr durr

Aug. 16th, 2009 07:48 pm
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Anyone at Landel's willing to NPC a Sergei for me next shift? I don't seem to have any takers on the official Visitor Claim post. I'd ask on the main comm except I'm embarrassed. 8D;;;

(Soma's RL hasn't been confirmed by the mods yet but is pretty straightforward, it's ridiculously happy and everyone is alive, even Holly, and basically it is the perfect HRL family. Except for Ming, he is a family friend who got killed in a car crash and the reason why Soma is at Landel's. Poor Ming, you can't seem to catch a break.)
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The How's My Driving? Meme

plz to concrit? anon is okay too D:

eta: oh wow i fail at html, that should be fixed now


Feb. 9th, 2008 09:54 pm
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Someone tell me that I don't have the time to app and RP a third character for [ profile] damned.

Not that it'll, you know, do any good, seeing as I'm already replaying Final Fantasy VI to refamiliarize myself with the plot and all, but. Um. Just do it, okay? D:

(Comments regarding episode 18 of Gundam 00 forthcoming. Yes, this anime has eaten my brain.)
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Yeeeey early dismissals and school cancellations. :)

PSSAs this morning were amusing. We had to write persuasive essays in the form of a letter recommending a book to a person, which in itself was sort of disconcerting because I haven't written non-five-paragraph-essays in years. And Matt H. and I sit next to each other in homeroom, and we peeled off the black stickers that cover the prompts and we read the prompt and looked at each other with completely straight faces for about ten seconds, and then we just fell over laughing.

I ended up recommending Les Misérables to my imaginary friend Bob. I gave Matt a dollar because he wrote an essay recommending the Bible to Adolf Hitler.

Spent the rest of the PSSA period reading Throne of Jade. Almost done with it, so expect fanart up on [ profile] quibbinesque sometime soon. And an update on [ profile] ppc_manga, too, because I really need to finish the second page of that. x.X;

Watched the TV expectantly in Physics, and when our school district finally showed up for an early dismissal, Caroline and I frolicked all the way to Chem and Mr. Hnatow threatened to write us up for skipping. xD And then he fed us all Twizzlers.

In other news, [ profile] unmocked_lawr.

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Haven't updated in a week. o.O Wow.

Dad's surgery went really well, and I'm extremely grateful for that. :) Thanks for all of your prayers, guys.

A couple months ago I heard about a new Les Miserables anime that'd be coming out soon called Shoujo Cosette. It is, predictably, about little Cosette. xD And Valjean in M-sur-M, too. (The homepage is here, in case you're interested.) Anyway, Alex alerted me to the first episode on YouTube yesterday, and then I discovered a subbed version, so here it is:

Episode One (1/3)
Episode One (2/3)
Episode One (3/3)

It' I haven't developed much of an opinion of it yet - I think I'll have to watch more to form one. xD;

Or I might have one. We'll see.

Javert's design makes me a Sad Fangirl because he looks way too much like your typical jerkface villain (which he isn't SILENCE CAROLINE). Ickle!Cosette is brainrottingly cute, although the subtitles seem to imply that Tholomyés is dead in this version, in a possible attempt to keep it kid-friendly (the series seems to be geared towards children). Or is that Fantine lying on purpose? Also, this "Alain" bit-character is making me a bit suspicious. He's kind of Gavroche-y. Ten francs says he's only there to run around M-sur-M and get his ears boxed by Javert in order to further antagonise the poor inspector. :P

...but none of that really matters*, because I laughed uncontrollably for at least two minutes when I first heard the Random Ladies call Valjean "Madeleine-san."

*Well, okay. Javert's crap design still bugs me. But other than that.

Also, I submitted my Landel's app yesterday. xD; Here's to hoping I make it in.


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