May. 30th, 2009 01:45 pm
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uggghhhh I'm looking through my old AP Chem review books in a halfhearted attempt to relearn everything before I take Orgo this fall, and wtf I've forgotten, like, all of it. this is going to take longer than I thought it would. 8|

SO YEAH John Adams party when???
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That is all.

(Credit goes entirely to the folks who comment on [ profile] beatonna.)
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Took the shuttle to the Welch Library this morning; the librarian at the Institute of the History of Medicine had organized a considerable number of old texts for us to look at. This, of course, made me ridiculously happy in a horrifically geeky way (they had a copy of the Articella from 1506! And a first edition copy of De Fabrica! And five-hundred-year-old medical texts in German I could partially understand! And we could touch them! And! Just! Eeee!).

Headed back to the Homewood campus for lunch and then took the shuttle to Welch again for Shigehisa Kuriyama's discussion and Q&A session concerning his recent paper (the aforementioned one about poo).

I really do love the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology department; it's very small, so it's easy to get to know people and you're not just another face to the professors. Professor Pomata and I talked a little bit about the Kuriyama paper in the elevator - it really is interesting how he took the classical humoral theory and looked at it from a completely different perspective - and besides myself, Dan and Jesse were the only undergrads who even bothered to show up, but we soon fell to discussing the paper between the three of us anyway. Also there was coffee and cookies.

...okay, that, and my dress sense (turtleneck sweater, jeans, etc.) fits right in with all the grad students and professors (two of whom were actually wearing tweed). Which may not necessarily be a good thing.

Anyway. Professor Kuriyama's talk was an extremely interesting one, and the Q&A session that followed was equally informative, even if it dragged on a little long to completely hold my interest. But I did learn a lot, and I've pretty much decided that I'm at least going to minor in HoSMT, if not major in it; I'll have more than enough time to do so. I've just loved every single lecture I've attended, and this talk pretty much decided it for me.

After the Q&A session, I solidified my status as loser dorkwad geek extraordinaire by producing my copy of The Expressiveness of the Body and asking Professor Kuriyama if he would sign it, which he did. Dan laughed at me, but I think Professor Kuriyama was kind of flattered and anyway it is a good book, so, um, there. Dx

And now you may have this absolutely hysterical link that [ profile] ainu_laire also posted, just to remind you that I'm not only a geek academically (as if you needed reminding): Suicide at the Council of Elrond.

"You know, some of us don't base our policy positions on a literal interpretation of the Simarillion. Particularly since the pro-Elvish bias of that text is obvious to any disinterested observer."
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I'm sorry, but there's no way you can be an interesting protagonist when the antagonist is much hotter and a better actor than you.

(Yes, I am watching National Treasure again! How did you know?)

And I'm going to see Book of Secrets tomorrow with [ profile] arcticfox547 and [ profile] sunnydayz36. I hope it's at least as entertaining as I initially thought it would be. I also hope we don't get kicked out of the theatre for snarking too loudly.


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