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First of all, hello to my new friends from Landel's! :D In case we haven't formally met (which I don't think we have), my name is Ireny and everyone I fangirl tends to die a tragic death or end up horribly maimed. This is not really everything about me you need to know, but it appears to be the most prominent facet of my personality (if you can even call it part of my personality), and every joke about me or conversation involving me usually wends its way toward "HURR DURR IRENY LIKES DEAD PEOPLE," so it's best to get that out of the way first.

I'm a Biology and German major and I'm hoping to become a pathologist someday. I'm involved in a decent amount of extracurricular stuff, including fencing and Chinese lion dance. Currently, my main fandoms are Les Miserables, Gundam 00, Temeraire, and Doctor Who (although I'm not actually in the fandom for that, I just watch and geek about it with my friends).

I think that's it. No doubt my flist will remind me if I forgot anything. :D

In other news! I am officially enrolled in the JHMI med tutorial! This brings my total credit count to Obscene and royally screws up my schedule (for one, the weekday sessions meet in the evening, which means I can't make Wednesday night Stammtisch anymore, sob sob sob), but I think it will be interesting.

Also, I donated blood again today! Tae, Felice, and I went in the morning and we ran into Dr. Horner, who's been plugging the blood drive for the last week. So we waved at him and he pointed at my Biologists Are Twisted T-shirt and gave me a thumbs-up. And then we all sat in the front row during Biochem Lab lecture with our bandaged arms very prominently displayed. Let it never be said that we missed a chance to suck up.

And finally, President Obama, what do you think you're doing, hanging out with sabreurs? I always had you pegged as a foilist.
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Feeling a strong aversion to work and whatnot and am inexplicably tired, but am back in Baltimore! Felice, Jennica, Joy and I found an Asian food store less than two miles away from campus and bought a considerable amount of tasty foodstuffs, etc., etc.

And! And there was a fencing meet today, and I saw Pelly and Sloan again and it was lovely! :DDD They were fencing Hopkins when I arrived so I felt somewhat torn about whom I should cheer for, but I only know Katie and Ted on the Hopkins team and Katie wasn't there, so I settled for cheering for Sloan and Pelly when they were fencing and for Hopkins when Sloan and Pelly weren't. xD And also I managed not to feel too bad for Ted when Sloan completely demolished him.

In other news, I have become addicted to Doctor Who and I blame, um, EVERYONE ON MY FLIST. D: *working through Four, finished Nine, and just started Ten*
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Calc test was okay. Was incredibly stupid about the last problem and I'm certain I made a ton of mistakes, so my grade probably isn't that good...but part of me has given up caring. I did my best. *shrugs* I SO NOT AZN. XD

Probably did better on the Euro test - we had the essay and my fingers are still aching, but I think I got most of what I wanted to say down on the paper. *nods* All in all, I could've done better, but meh. It wasn't bad at all, and I'll improve next time.

So today was the first Fencing Club meeting.

...um. Yeah. Underclassmen. A bewildering amount of them. Not that this is always a bad thing. It just becomes a bad thing when most of them are in the dictionary under "teenybopper."

Cut for fencing snarkiness and despair at mankind in general )
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"Hello. You have reached the center of the universe. For English, press one. For Klingon, press two..." -Joan, answering the pharmacy phone

"Hello. This is being Ahmed's Camel Sales. We are having large camel sale today, with many high-quality camels of finest breed being sold at very low prices." -Joan, in horrendously fake Middle-Eastern accent, answering the pharmacy phone again

Of all the pharmacists, in the hospital, Joan is probably my favorite. She's absolutely hilarious. xD Today's volunteering was a good deal more interesting than usual.

So Mom called Absolute Fencing and told them about my jacket being a size too large, and apparently they'll replace it if we send the jacket back to them. Since we haven't got enough time to send it there and get a new one by tomorrow, I'll probably have to borrow a jacket from the YMCA. :/

And...yeah. Thassit for now, really.
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My fencing stuff came! It all fits quite well except for the jacket, because they sent me one size larger than I'd asked for for some strange reason. So now the top of the jacket fits pretty well because of the underarm and chest protectors, but the bottom is annoyingly loose. I'll probably ask Mom to shrink it for me or something.

And...trying to decide what to name my foil. xD Leaning towards Feuilly.
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Amusing quote heard at Fencing Club today:

"I don't do German. Jawienerschnitzelbratwurst." ~Sloan

Also, after Fencing Club, we sat around discussing who would be whom if Posfe met Les Mis. We came up with the following:

Pathy = Courfeyrac
Emily = Jean Prouvaire
Ireny = Combeferre
Sonya = Eponine, because she didn't want to be Feuilly
Laura = Feuilly, because she didn't want to be Eponine
Welly = Marius Pontmercy
Lawrence-my-cousin = Cosette
Risu-chan = Joly
David = Bossuet
Abby = Bahorel
Pelly = Grantaire, so of course
Sloan = Enjolras

Sloan even agreed to wear a red vest with gold braid if we found one for him. *sniggers*

And now, because it seems to be a fad around here, Johari and Nohari. Please do it. ^_^


Dec. 8th, 2005 09:37 pm
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January: ‘Nuff said.

February: *bounces frenziedly*

March: Waaarg snow day.

April: I love EHS.

May: No sign of Fremantle today, but the carrot I left just outside his burrow had bite marks on it when I came home from school, so the little bugger's still alive.

((*sniff* I miss him.))

June: Words cannot express how much I hate Mrs. K.

((Still do.))


((*dork noises*))


MOTHER: ...And I'll need you to clean your room, because Lawrence is arriving in two weeks and...
MOTHER: ...your cousin.
IRENY: ...drat.

September: You are Luca!

October: Didn't get into NHS.

November: Definitely not up to par...gah.

December: Meme stolen from mllereddeath.

And Fencing Club was rather fun today, as we finally got a chance to practice feint-disengages and beat-disengages. I also managed to beat Jess 5-1, because I apparently got the hang of disengages rather quickly. They're oddly easy, in a weird sort of way, and I'm actually pretty good at them, as opposed to everything else in fencing. :P

Also, all hail Pelly and Laura and Risu-chan, because they brought stuffed animals (and Anthrax the dinosaur is cute beyond words).

And "To Take Your Hat Off" is almost definitely my favorite song in Ça Ira, besides "Liberty." The Children's Chorus rocks beyond words. It's like a giant blob of Gavroches.


To take your hat off
Is the gesture of a toff
But even his lordship needs a head
To take his hat off of...
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So today at Fencing Club, Michael, Matt and I were sitting around discussing the stupidity of Chemistry and the subject of moles came up. Michael demanded to know why they were called "moles" (Why are they called moles? Does anyone know? What scientist with too much time on his hands decided to call them moles? What kind of a name is that?) and not, say, "badgers." Matt and I agreed that having a unit of measurement named after a small furry tunneling mammal is kind of stupid.

So from now on we're calling them "stoats." Will you join in our crusade?

ALSO. There is a very, very, very slight possibility that we'll be heading to Gettysburg for Thanksgiving, because Lawrence-my-cousin has never been there and my fangirliness seems to be rubbing off on him and he wants to go. There is an even slighter possibility that I'll be allowed to invite people along with us.

SO. If you'll be free during most of Thanksgiving break and you're interested in tagging along, just let me know. It's by no means definite; in fact, there's a good chance we won't be going, but just in case, because I'm paranoid and I like to know things ahead of time, comment here. I'll most likely be able to take two people with me at most because our car is dinky. And finally, a word of warning: Dad will be driving us, so be prepared to deal with a lot of babble about how Texas is OMG TEH BESTEST STATE EVAR AND IT PWNS EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY NEW ENGLAND STATES LIKE MAINE. XP


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