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Bad news - apparently EHS is being stupid about letting people into the building during school hours, although DiDona says she can probably get us in after school lets out.

Unfortunately, this means that we'll probably have to call off the raid, unless anyone can give us ideas about how to sneak in. If you want to visit after classes end, you'll have to e-mail DiDona on your own - I don't think we can really organize this any more. >.>

Sorry about that, guys. D:
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Okay, so. As far as I know, the following people can make it to EHS on Tuesday:

Laura (?)

If it's not too much trouble, could the people who know they can make it for sure let me know what time they're planning to arrive? I know Caroline and I are most likely going to turn up pretty early (say before nine), but most of you will probably want to sleep in like relatively sane people. Also, Angela will probably need that information so DiDona can get us in. I'm not sure. Angela, can you let us know what's up with the procedure?

Also, could the EHSers who read this LJ either post their schedules here or e-mail them to me so we know which classrooms to invade? I think Burkhardt teaches Calc BC fourth period, but I don't know about any of the other teachers. I do know we'll probably want to hit Ohl's room, Roberts's, and Wilson's, and I personally want to say hi to Frau Ziegler, but other than that I'm not sure where we'll be going.

Anyway, let me know! 8D *looking forward to this*
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To all EHS alumni:

Caroline and I are planning a raid visit on Tuesday the 23rd. We'll probably be there the entire day, since we figure the teachers won't actually be doing any teaching then anyway, it being the day before Generic Winter Holiday Break and all.

So: Are you guys going to be home by then, and if so, do you want to come along? It'd definitely help if you let me know ahead of time so I can tell Angela, who can then tell DiDona, who has promised to vouch for us (for that reason, it would probably help if you've actually had DiDona, but I think everyone on my flist either has or was in Collage, so that works out).

Anyway, post here if you can make it!


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