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I hereby resolve that by the time I graduate in May of 2012, I will have done the following.

1. Lived in Germany for at least three months.
2. Pursued a worthwhile academic venture during that time, preferably related to the study of biology.
3. Gone to at least one 1. Bundesliga football game and one National football game during that time.
4. Received financial aid, whether by grant or by scholarship, for at least the first two goals.
5. Punched everyone who got in the way of the above in the middle of their face.

I expect all of you to hold me to that. Especially the last one.
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Tentative schedule for next semester:

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My mother? Has just given me implicit permission to study abroad.

This is enormous. This is--something I've never even thought was possible, something I've wanted to do for years and years and years but have never really seriously considered because of how unbelievably dead set my parents have been on four-years-undergrad-med-school-residency-fellowship-life-in-medicine, with absolutely no room for deviations.

I only wish she hadn't waited until my junior year to tell me this.

Theoretically, I could do it. It's possible. Hopkins has just started an exchange program with the Technische Universität München. I'm not a confident speaker by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel as if I've reached the point in my German where I would be comfortable reading and writing it on a regular basis, and anyway isn't the point of study abroad to improve your grasp of the language? Professor Tobias, my German advisor, is dead set on my going. I am dead set on my going. It's in Munich. I've dreamed of going to Munich. There are no words for how much I want to go to Munich.

The problem is that getting there requires taking the MCAT a full six months earlier than I'd originally intended to (to keep my summer free for the six-week Praktikum required by our study abroad office), requires my cramming all five of my remaining required classes for my Biology major into two semesters (I am sort of reluctant to take a Biology course in German, and even if I weren't, I don't know that I would receive credit for it), requires a certainty in what I want to do after I graduate (fall of senior year is medical school applications: I'd probably have to take a gap year if I wanted to study abroad).

Simply put? I'm terrified. I want this so much it's almost painful. But I'm not sure if I have the ability to organize the next three years of my life into tiny, precise boxes and make it all happen.


Oct. 23rd, 2009 01:01 am
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 Finally done with this round of midterms. Got a relatively high B in Biochem and the Orgo exam didn't feel terrible this morning, so hopefully I'll be all right. I don't know that I got an A in Orgo because I only had two days to study for it, thanks to Biochem, but I don't think I did terribly either. We'll see.

The nice thing about this is that I can finally get back to having something resembling a social life and come off my hiatus at Landel's. I think. I really want to write Soma's patient file but I don't know when I'll have the time. >.> Anyone know when Nightshift ends?

In other news, I finally saw Stubby after my exam this morning! For those of you who've friended me relatively recently, Stubby is a slightly neurotic squirrel who lives on the engineering quad. He is called Stubby because he has a little white tuft of fur where his tail used to be, but he does all right because he is exceptionally good at taking food from other squirrels. Everyone knows who he is and assigns various other names to him, such as Squabit and That Squirrel and What Is That. He isn't always out and about when I pass through the quad, so I hadn't seen him yet this year, but Yang and I spotted him as we came out of Hodson and we stopped to say hi. He came right up to us, so we gave him some of Yang's chewy granola bar. He does look a bit skinnier this year but he'll be all right.

Anyway, seeing him completely made my day. If I end up failing all my classes this year, I'm sure I can go live on the quad with him.
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two papers, a presentation, and two midterms next week. a little bit tired of constant exposure to people. not any specific people, mind you, just people in general. should have had off yesterday but didn't because we had off on labour day, and having an off day one week into classes is apparently the same thing as having an off day in the middle of the semester during midterms when the slightest thing gone wrong makes you want to snap and punch someone, anyone, in the face. and it isn't even anything specific again, just constant elevated levels of stress and i'm not doing well enough this year and and people and everything in between.

could've gone home this past weekend, but didn't. papers and med tutorial prevented that from happening.

would very much like to go home now.
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First of all, hello to my new friends from Landel's! :D In case we haven't formally met (which I don't think we have), my name is Ireny and everyone I fangirl tends to die a tragic death or end up horribly maimed. This is not really everything about me you need to know, but it appears to be the most prominent facet of my personality (if you can even call it part of my personality), and every joke about me or conversation involving me usually wends its way toward "HURR DURR IRENY LIKES DEAD PEOPLE," so it's best to get that out of the way first.

I'm a Biology and German major and I'm hoping to become a pathologist someday. I'm involved in a decent amount of extracurricular stuff, including fencing and Chinese lion dance. Currently, my main fandoms are Les Miserables, Gundam 00, Temeraire, and Doctor Who (although I'm not actually in the fandom for that, I just watch and geek about it with my friends).

I think that's it. No doubt my flist will remind me if I forgot anything. :D

In other news! I am officially enrolled in the JHMI med tutorial! This brings my total credit count to Obscene and royally screws up my schedule (for one, the weekday sessions meet in the evening, which means I can't make Wednesday night Stammtisch anymore, sob sob sob), but I think it will be interesting.

Also, I donated blood again today! Tae, Felice, and I went in the morning and we ran into Dr. Horner, who's been plugging the blood drive for the last week. So we waved at him and he pointed at my Biologists Are Twisted T-shirt and gave me a thumbs-up. And then we all sat in the front row during Biochem Lab lecture with our bandaged arms very prominently displayed. Let it never be said that we missed a chance to suck up.

And finally, President Obama, what do you think you're doing, hanging out with sabreurs? I always had you pegged as a foilist.
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Hopkins student kills burglar with "samurai sword"

You know you're at Hopkins when 1) your first instinct is to make a pun along the lines of "I know we're cutthroat, but this is going a bit far," 2) you're more surprised at the fact that the guy actually managed to kill someone than that he had a sharpened katana, and 3) you immediately see about fifty Facebook status pages all making the same "Guy killed him. Killed him with a sword. How weird is that?" reference.

I love you, Hopkins. Never change.

ETA: Haha, it even made The Escapist. Is that something to be proud of?
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Among various attempts to find Chris a Chinese name for his class:

渴热死 (Thirsty Hot Death)
渴瑞士 (Thirsty Switzerland)
池裡頭髮 (Clogged Hair In Basin)

Eventually, tiring of our dissolving into hysterical laughter every time someone came up with a new name, Chris proposed that he pick a meaning and let us come up with a name that didn't match his phonetically. The following exchange occurred:

What kind of name are you looking for?

...like, maybe you can just give me a famous name. Like a famous strategist or--

*in unison* NO.

Wait, what?

First, that would be like calling you, I don't know, Abraham Lincoln or something. Second of all, no one in the Wing would consent to calling you that.

Call me what?

*quickly change the subject*
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...so let me know in advance if you have troubles in the family, like if your grandmother dies or something. Grandmothers tend to take a big hit in this class.

We don't curve, we normalize. Because there are some of you who are just too smart for your own good, and could you just leave the rest of us mortals alone? Yeah, thanks.

We like to think there's some sort of pedagogical value in the questions we ask. We know there isn't, but...please. Allow us this fantasy.

...and we do like constructive criticism, as long as it isn't along the lines of "Fire Schildbach, let Fisher do all the lectures."

*drawing on the board* Does anyone know which alcohol this is?


You should. It is ethanol, the alcohol most commonly found in your...recreational beverages.

What is that one word? That hugging word...Embrace, that's it.

Does everyone get this? ...good. So if you get it wrong on your exam, I will take off a thousand points.

When I was an undergrad, I saw so many carbons drawn with five bonds. It was disgraceful.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you are hardcore Chem majors? Like--you want to pursue an actual career in chemistry?

*two hands*

And how many of you are premeds?

*twenty hands*

*Vader nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*
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*holding a glass pipette and pipetting tool* There are two ways to injure yourself while inserting the glass pipette. One is if you do this - *holds the pipette by the far end and twists it into the tool* - because then you will find that the pipette can puncture soft tissue very quickly. Don't worry, we have a very good hospital down the road, they're capable of regrowing nerves, and your hand will be as good as new in six to eight weeks. The other way to injure yourself is you do this - *twists pipette in the exact same way* - because I will see you doing it, and then I will kill you.
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The entire Wing has now moved in completely, and this is how you know:

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First day of freshman move-in was super special awesome!

The moving itself was pretty straightforward, except for the part where the heavens opened up during the afternoon and we were literally soaked to the skin by the time anyone came running with ponchos, but all the parents were really laid back and understanding about having to work with forced triples, which I didn't expect.

...although there was the one family who pulled up with one of those fifteen-seater vans, which was absolutely filled with everything from throw pillows to a small dresser, and the daughter wasn't even in a single. I don't think I could've fit all that stuff into our double, let alone a single. That was...interesting.

(For those of you who don't go to Hopkins, the admissions people decided that since the economy was so terrible, more people would decide against going to Hopkins in favor of a cheaper school, and proceeded to go ridiculously over their quota when it came to admitting students. This inevitably resulted in about two hundred more students accepting admission than could reasonably be housed by the school, which resulted in single dorm rooms being converted into doubles, doubles being converted into triples, and so on. It's been bad for the freshmen all around.)

Afterward a few of us headed over to Natalie's place for the free dinner HCF holds every move-in day, and we ended up meeting a ton of new freshmen and making friends really quickly. [livejournal.com profile] darkfire_blade and I adopted a bunch of international students from Malaysia and a girl from California and her mom (who is seriously the sweetest lady on the planet, I'm not even kidding), and we hung out at the B&N Starbucks for a while just talking.

I like adopting freshmen. >.> I think I think of them as the younger siblings I never had. Or something vaguely sentimental like that. Mostly I just want to prove to them that yeah, Hopkins has a reputation for being highly competitive jerkwads with no social lives, but there are some of us who also know how to have fun on a semiregular basis without getting stupid drunk.

So. More moving tomorrow! I must say I'm pretty excited. :D
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Quick question for those of you who've gotten research positions at universities and the like!

When sending an initial email to the doctor/professor expressing your interest, is there anything in particular you should include? Besides the obvious, I mean - assume I've got a resume attached, have read and mentioned a paper or two in the email, and have listed a few reasons why I'm interested in participating. I don't have any experience but I think I can phrase that in a slightly-more-than-less-than-satisfactory light; I just get the feeling that there's something I can do to make myself stand out, and I don't know what it is.

My top three preferred positions are all in pathology, if that helps. It probably doesn't. Anyway, thanks in advance!
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Packing for college--I'll be back on campus on Tuesday. I seriously can't wait. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but it'll be good to be back. The only possible way this year could be better is if Housing had decided to make Rogers House available to us sooner, because all of us in a house to ourselves just spells wacky antics all over.

Yeah, Orgo's probably going to kill me, and my German has gotten really, really rusty, but I'm pretty confident in my newly-developed work ethic. So this is me being tentatively optimistic about the year to come. :)

In other news, started Tenant of Wildfell Hall and applying for some really nice-looking Medical Tutorial things at school. Wish me luck!
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To the unknown owner of the motorcycle currently parked in front of the Rec Center with the license plate reading "EPONA":

You are my new hero. That is all.
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I donated blood for the first time today!

It was very exciting, they interrogated me about whom I had bedded since 1977 and where I had been in the last year and I had to wait for a whole minute while the Red Cross lady tried to figure out how to spell TAIWAN before deciding that asking me would be a good idea (which is to say that I have been to Taiwan in the last year, not that I had bedded it since 1977, because that would be awkward). Also my iron level beat out all of the Building A-ers' iron levels and they found the vein on the first try, and that is totally something to be proud of, so, um, hah.

Also they spelled my name wrong on the donor form so now I am Iren.

Also also I got free cookies. That is definitely a good reason to donate blood!
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A bunch of random people were performing Macbeth on the library steps this afternoon. In kilts.

I love Hopkins.
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I don't care how drunk you are, 4 AM is an unacceptable time to play your stupid crappy rap music through the walls at full blast. It is also unacceptable to turn it up louder when I knock on your door and ask you, more politely than you really deserve, to turn it down.

I'd get my compsci friends to hack into your computer and rig it so it plays nothing but classical music at no louder than one decibel, but that might be stooping to your level.

Oh, and Happy Easter, by the way.


Apr. 11th, 2009 01:02 am
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Tentative schedule for first semester of sophomore year.

"Orgo," by the way, is Hopkinsspeak for Organic Chemistry, and "IFP" is Hopkinsspeak for Introduction to Fiction and Poetry. One of these days, I'm going to have to write a guide to Hopkins in general for the benefit of the prospective freshmen on my flist.

In any case, I am going to die so dead. D: Orgo, Biochem, and two writing-intensive classes. Kill me now.

*drags self back to studying*
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Someone please explain to me why I studied normally last fall and received excellent grades during a semester that didn't even count toward my GPA, and yet I am now studying at least twice as hard as I did last semester and am somehow receiving horrid grades.

Despite the fact, I might add, that none of my classes are significantly more difficult this semester than they were last.


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