Oct. 23rd, 2009 01:01 am
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 Finally done with this round of midterms. Got a relatively high B in Biochem and the Orgo exam didn't feel terrible this morning, so hopefully I'll be all right. I don't know that I got an A in Orgo because I only had two days to study for it, thanks to Biochem, but I don't think I did terribly either. We'll see.

The nice thing about this is that I can finally get back to having something resembling a social life and come off my hiatus at Landel's. I think. I really want to write Soma's patient file but I don't know when I'll have the time. >.> Anyone know when Nightshift ends?

In other news, I finally saw Stubby after my exam this morning! For those of you who've friended me relatively recently, Stubby is a slightly neurotic squirrel who lives on the engineering quad. He is called Stubby because he has a little white tuft of fur where his tail used to be, but he does all right because he is exceptionally good at taking food from other squirrels. Everyone knows who he is and assigns various other names to him, such as Squabit and That Squirrel and What Is That. He isn't always out and about when I pass through the quad, so I hadn't seen him yet this year, but Yang and I spotted him as we came out of Hodson and we stopped to say hi. He came right up to us, so we gave him some of Yang's chewy granola bar. He does look a bit skinnier this year but he'll be all right.

Anyway, seeing him completely made my day. If I end up failing all my classes this year, I'm sure I can go live on the quad with him.
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Yang and I have been adopted by a squirrel.

He is skinny and slightly bug-eyed and he is missing almost all of his tail except for a little white tuft, but he is the friendliest squirrel on campus - all the other squirrels are either vacuous or completely neurotic - and whenever he spots us, he nonchalantly sidles up to us before adopting his 'feed me' pose, which involves sitting on his haunches, holding his paws together, cocking his head slightly, and giving us The Sad Puppy Look.

We first met him while walking around Levering Courtyard. We have decided to call him Stubby.

It really was my fault to begin with, I think. We saw him and I just happened to have an acorn in my pocket because we'd been taking a study break and had been identifying tree species on campus for fun - yes, shut up, we're at Hopkins, we can get away with this sort of thing - and I tossed it to him and now he thinks I'm The Best Thing Ever Since Probably That Other Undergraduate Girl With An Acorn In Her Pocket Who Fell For The Same Sad Puppy Look Last Year.

(On that note, Levering Courtyard seems to attract all the weird animals, probably because of the high concentration of people who eat lunch there. There's this ridiculously fat sparrow that has got something wrong with its wing, so it can't fly, and it hangs around all the tables begging from students with sandwiches there. But we haven't named it yet.)

I just hope Stubby stays in Levering because I don't really want him to meet the hawk that frequents Freshman Quad. Or maybe he has already, which would explain the tail. I don't quite know.
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Spotted a massive hawk eating dinner in front of AMR II on the way back from Physics lab tonight.

cut to shield the eyes of squirrel lovers everywhere )


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