Mar. 22nd, 2006 07:12 pm
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Blat and drast. So much stuff I need to catch up with. ASII test I was somehow never informed about but still need to take...German quiz...NDdP outline...Scarlet Letter packet...the list goes on and on.

Got a 97 on last week's Trig test, though. That's a plus. So's the fact that I managed to weasel my way out of Aquatics today, though I'm going to have to make that up.

...still. I still feel incredibly sick and tired, and I'm certain I shouldn't have gone to school today. *sigh* And what with the condition I'm in and the stuff I've got to do, the chances of my going to see Into the Woods this weekend are virtually nonexistent. T_T And I really wanted to go, too.

I wish it were March 4 again.

( - but I do have a new icon, because apparently there's some wine somewhere named "Pierre Javert" and I really couldn't resist - )
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Still sick. Will probably not be at school tomorrow, either. *fume*

...on the plus side, Mom just found the '57 Les Mis on sale for $4 in some catalogue somewhere, and she just ordered it for me, so life will be good when that arrives. ^_^
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Am sick.

Knew something was a bit off when I lost the entire contents of my stomach last night - three times.

So. Am feeling rather nauseous at the moment. Do not relish the thought of having to make up today's work. Not feeling particularly cheerful.

...have still got to write up that outline for NDdP paper, or Carville will eat my brain. Joy.


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