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Among various attempts to find Chris a Chinese name for his class:

渴热死 (Thirsty Hot Death)
渴瑞士 (Thirsty Switzerland)
池裡頭髮 (Clogged Hair In Basin)

Eventually, tiring of our dissolving into hysterical laughter every time someone came up with a new name, Chris proposed that he pick a meaning and let us come up with a name that didn't match his phonetically. The following exchange occurred:

What kind of name are you looking for?

...like, maybe you can just give me a famous name. Like a famous strategist or--

*in unison* NO.

Wait, what?

First, that would be like calling you, I don't know, Abraham Lincoln or something. Second of all, no one in the Wing would consent to calling you that.

Call me what?

*quickly change the subject*
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y-you guys

mamoru miyano is going to voice cao cao in the upcoming souten kouro anime

cao cao is setsuna f. seiei

i don't even know, i'm going to go have a lie down
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what is this and why have i not heard about it sooner

I am so pumped. CCTV is actually going to remake the 1995 series and it looks gorgeous. I know they're probably just capitalizing on Red Cliff's commercial success, but right now I don't even mind. It looks beautiful and ridiculously awesome and I've never heard of the guy who's playing Zhuge Liang but he looks the part more than Takeshi Kaneshiro (and that is all that matters).

ohhh mannnn why is it not 2010 yet *rolls around*

ETA: And I've just learned that Chinese and Japanese producers are uniting to release a Three Kingdoms anime in April. This is a very, very good time to be a fan.
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classes and things )

ETA: Someone is playing the bagpipes outside my dorm. WHAT IS THIS
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Having finally worked up the motivation to do some light editing, I present to you Ireny's HRL Journal, wherein may be found Cheap Gunpla, Bizarre Foods, and Lots Of Three Kingdoms Fangirling.

Onward! )
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So. Bags are packed, preparations are made. Tomorrow morning, my family and I are flying to Hong Kong. We'll spend a week there, then fly to Taiwan and stay about a week and a half before flying back to Hong Kong for a few days. We'll be back July 14.

I'm kind of nervous, to be honest; I haven't been back to Taiwan since I was born there (a little over sixteen years) and I've never been to Hong Kong at all. My Mandarin is horrifically bad, and I know a grand total of six phrases in Cantonese, picked up from my relatives in Toronto: "Eat food," "It tastes good," "Go to the bathroom," "Take a shower," "Go to sleep," and "Eat more vegetables."

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited as well, despite the prospect of having to spend three consecutive weeks with no-one but my family as company. Mom and Dad have pretty much decided that it's Time To Make Ireny Reconnect With Her Culture - Romance of the Three Kingdoms is sitting in my carry-on luggage for the fifteen-hour flight - but I really can't say I mind at all. In fact, I'm kind of looking forward to it.

(...but because this is my mother we're talking about, and she knows me far too well for my own good, she's already started speculating whom I'm going to fangirl in Three Kingdoms. Currently her money is on Zhuge Liang.)

I'll attempt to keep a photo blog or something resembling that in the days to come, if anyone's interested. :) Other than that, I haven't got much to say at the moment. See you guys later!


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