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To a select few members of Terrouge and the VI:

Learn to spell. Please. It's not that difficult. You're just hiding behind your ages. "I'm only thirteen!" "I'm only fourteen!" Blah, blah, blah. Nonsense. I started roleplaying when I was ten and I was never as bad as you are now. And Javatom's twelve and he's showing you all up because he can 1) spell, 2) capitalize things correctly, 3) and write in complete sentences. Plus, he can 4) carry on an intelligent conversation about Gondor, which is hardly something to be sneezed at.

For all our sakes, please learn the meaning of SPAG and realize that there is a very large difference between a few spelling mistakes here and there, and treetin teh forems liek a chat room lol.

Please. You make the baby Mar'kan cry.


*insert messy scribble here*


Sorry, had to get that out of my system. In other news, SockPuppet!Jehan is now finished, and SockPuppet!Mat is almost done. Unfortunately, he looks like he's wearing a dress. :/ I'll try and figure out some way to remedy that tomorrow.


Dec. 29th, 2005 11:10 pm
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Today Ireny learned the following:

~Ireny's family does not own a glue gun.
~Sewing seems to be the only alternative to a glue gun when Ireny is trying to make a sock puppet.
~Ireny is no good at sewing.
~Ireny's fingers don't like it when she sews.
~When Ireny sews sock puppets, they come out looking like crap.
~Ireny is good at tying cravats.
~Said cravat is perhaps the only redeeming feature of Pathy's Jean Prouvaire sock puppet.
~And the neon green buttons. Ireny is good at sewing buttons.
~Ireny's fingers are hurting, so she will stop typing now.
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Am definitely coming down with cold.

Should have worn coat during fire drill. Stupid, stupid Ireny.

Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeegh. Yay, phlegm!

On a completely unrelated note, if you would donate some grey/yellow/brown yarn to Ireny for the sockpuppets, she would gladly refrain from coughing all over you. XP No, seriously. I don't need much, just enough for the hair...

And congrats to Fish! YAY! X3


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