Jun. 4th, 2008 02:05 pm
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Paul: did you pull the fire alarm?

Irene: Good Lord, no.
I should hope I would have the class to pull off something considerably more creative and refined than that.

Paul: that's exactly what kevin said
word for word (except replaced "I" w/ "Irene")

Irene: xDD
It's good to know you lot know me so well.

Yeah, someone pulled the fire alarm after second exam. Brilliant, class of 2008! Really! Ranks up there with the best of MIT's hacks! I'm sure the underclassmen will all remember you for that one!

I feel so proud. >.>
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Found while browsing through my old Xanga account (which hasn't been updated in two years):

i need sleep too.
5 hours just isn't enough for me.

Ah, those were the good old days.

(one day more.)
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The following took place during a conversation between [ profile] sunnydayz36 and myself. We were technically supposed to be applying New Historicism to Henry James and coming up with a way to present said application to our AP English class.

That, um, didn't happen as quickly as we would've liked.

never let jane eyre fans analyze the turn of the screw )


Sep. 29th, 2007 07:30 pm
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All blame for this goes solely on the shoulders of [ profile] arcticfox547. Just so you know.

In other news, my allergies are slowly killing me and I am already aznfailing Physics C. :D

In still other news it has been five days since Empire of Ivory came out and I still have not so much as set eyes on a copy. *dies dead* *except not, cos then she'd never get to read it*



May. 1st, 2007 07:25 pm
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I can't go to the orchestra concert tonight.

I can't go to the orchestra concert and they're playing LotR and I can't go to the orchestra concert and what's more they're playing Minas Tirith and I can't go to the orchestra concert because I have to study.

And they're playing Minas Tirith.


On a considerably lighter note, today's lunch was possibly the best evar. This girl brought her ferrets to school - I have no idea why, it might've been for BoZo or something similar - but they were ferrets and she let them out and we passed them around and cuddled them and eeeeeeeee. *melts* Not even my idiotic English class could get my mood down after that. Because. HYPER FERRETS.

Also, we were talking about Harry Potter at lunch, and the following conversation ensued:

I've always wondered why Potions was taught in the dungeons. It's unsanitary, and if there were fumes, they'd just block up the entire -

That's easy. It makes it easier to hide the bodies of students who accidentally inhale the fumes in question.

- Potions should be taught in a clean learning environment, not some -

Ohgod I just had the mental image of Mr. Case teaching Potions.


Whaaaat aaaare you dooooing, Potteeeeer? I toooold you not to take any deeeeep snoooorts. Fiiiive pooooints from Gryyyyffindooooor.

On a related note, apparently some students at school got permission from Corradetti to form a Harry Potter Club. I wonder if, given enough support, I could start a Tolkien Club...?
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Eeeeh...haven't updated in a while. *guilty*

Anyway. My scholarship application for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine apparently failed to please the admissions people sufficiently, so no free ride for Ireny. D: I'll still be applying, of course, but that also means I'll have to get a job this summer so we can pay for it. xD Yay.

Also HOLY CRAP FIFTEEN DAYS UNTIL AP CALC EXAM. *panics* I did the practice test Burkhardt gave us and...oh, man, I got, like, half of the questions without looking at the book, and even when I did look at the book there were still ten questions (out of forty-five or so) I didn't remember how to solve at all.

The Chem and Euro exams will be a breeze compared to this one. If I get a 5 in Calc (which I won't), my half-deaf grandmother will be able to hear it all the way in Taiwan.

In other news, Mike D. is a loser. Sure, virtually pull out of the Science Olympiad team FOUR DAYS BEFORE STATES. D:< What a jerk. I mean, it's no big loss, because he's a whiny pseudo-FOB who doesn't even know where Seattle is, but...gah. *disgruntled*

I'm glad we got the rest of the team schedule worked out, though. :) Now if we can only drag Caroline and Sonya away from Chem Olympiad...

Oh, and Euro quotes! *brought her notebook home again*

Cut for length )
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Oh, I'm sorry, did I say Easter break? I meant spring break. :P

Anyway. Yesterday's Chem double lab was possibly the most fun I've had in a science class in years. Basically, we spent an hour and a half playing with liquid nitrogen. xD You haven't lived until you've frozen mini marshmallows in liquid nitrogen and eaten it cold. Or strawberries - except those have a tendency to freeze to your tongue and that can be sort of painful. *learned that the hard way* We made ice cream with liquid nitrogen, too, and liquefied oxygen (it's a pretty blue color) and made dry ice, and dipped a golf ball in liquid nitrogen and borrowed a sledgehammer from Mr. Ohl and smashed it out in the courtyard. :D

And then Gopal asked if we could roast the remaining marshmallows over a bunsen burner, and Mr. Hnatow said we could only if we found the temperature at which the marshmallows began to roast. So Gopal dragged out a thermocouple and found the temperature (I don't remember what it was), and then we all got wooden splints and toasted marshmallows over a bunsen burner, though we switched to a propane burner later on. It was made of awesome. :D

The rest of the day wasn't as interesting, really. xD I think I, not too poorly on the Calc test. Then again, I don't think I did particularly well, either. xP


...oh well. It looks like you can only roam about Eriador. It's not worth playing if you can't visit Gondor, right?



Mar. 27th, 2007 10:34 pm
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I think last week's Going To Bed At An Ungodly Hour Because Ireny Was Studying For Her Chem Test Of Crazy is starting to catch up to me! x.X That, and allergies!

Also, it was insanely warm today! x.X I don't like warm weather! Also my Physics test on rotational thingies is tomorrow and I'm not ready at all! And we get our Chem tests back tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to that!

But! But I totally pwned my notecards and I think I might actually have the beginnings of a CI for my research paper! And we played with liquid nitrogen in Chem today! And no-one's limbs had to be removed (this may or may not be a good thing)! And I feel like I'm developing senioritis which is bad cos I'm still a junior!

Also I need sleep!


Mar. 21st, 2007 09:53 pm
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EHS is running a school motto contest. Anyone can submit an idea.

This is possibly the silliest thing they have ever done in the history of forever.

Mottos I have thought about submitting are as follows:

- "sic semper tyrannis"

- "discipuli nostrum bardissimi sunt"

- "morituri te salutant," and in that vein:

- "quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur"

- "EHS: Because we're better than Parkland."

- "Our principals have foreign accents."

- "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." (submitted under Student Name: Dante Alighieri, Student ID: 000666)

It's probably going to end up being the last one - Laura's submitting the same thing, so. xD

But anyway. Chem lab got postponed, which is excellent news. Slightly less excellent news involves the Chem test, which has been going on for what, three periods now and is slated to continue tomorrow. Seriously, this is ridiculous. x_X At least it's giving me more time to study, though.

Science Olympiad on Friday! I might be an hour or so late to the review session tomorrow, guys - we're having Fencing Club for the first time in about a month, and since there's a tournament in mid-April, I kind of need to get back into the habit. xD; I will be there, though.

...I really need to catch up in Calc. x.X And, well, everything else, really. And I am sick of school, which is odd because I usually don't start feeling sick of school until late April, and I would like nothing better than to curl up in a blanket with a mug of hot coffee and read and read and read and read until my eyes fall out.

But I can't, because the books I want to read and read and read and read don't come out until this fall. ;_; So I guess instead of reading good literature I shall have to content myself with slamming bad literature.

(How in bloody Arda can people read Eragon and still maintain that Paolini isn't a plagiarist?)
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Yeeeey early dismissals and school cancellations. :)

PSSAs this morning were amusing. We had to write persuasive essays in the form of a letter recommending a book to a person, which in itself was sort of disconcerting because I haven't written non-five-paragraph-essays in years. And Matt H. and I sit next to each other in homeroom, and we peeled off the black stickers that cover the prompts and we read the prompt and looked at each other with completely straight faces for about ten seconds, and then we just fell over laughing.

I ended up recommending Les Misérables to my imaginary friend Bob. I gave Matt a dollar because he wrote an essay recommending the Bible to Adolf Hitler.

Spent the rest of the PSSA period reading Throne of Jade. Almost done with it, so expect fanart up on [ profile] quibbinesque sometime soon. And an update on [ profile] ppc_manga, too, because I really need to finish the second page of that. x.X;

Watched the TV expectantly in Physics, and when our school district finally showed up for an early dismissal, Caroline and I frolicked all the way to Chem and Mr. Hnatow threatened to write us up for skipping. xD And then he fed us all Twizzlers.

In other news, [ profile] unmocked_lawr.

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So. Um. Midterms.

German was pretty good, considering I didn't study that much for it. There were a few annoying questions, and I might've screwed up once or twice on the free response. *shrug* Nothing particularly difficult, though.

Calc...Calc was happy. Like a happy thing. :) And that is all, because I'm scared that if I say any more, all of my answers will shift a letter to the left.

English was not happy. :( My essay was crap (I picked the one on Renaissance poets and their use of time) and there were three or four questions in the multiple choice I wasn't sure about. (I'm vaguely gratified to see that I did indeed get the location of the Tabard Inn right - I guessed that one. xD) But yeah.

And I'm freaking out about Chem and Euro. ;_; I desperately need to relearn equilibrium. And I need to go over my Euro notes again. ARG. I can't wait until Friday.

Okay. Going to stop talking about school now.

I finished my Javert app for Landel's, but I don't know if I'm going to send it in this cycle. (Pathy - do we need to have a character journal created before the app's sent in? I'm not sure how the whole thing works and I don't think it said anything on the info journal, so.) I'm going to see what the Top Ten at VI: TED looks like, first, 'cos I don't want to have to review a Survivor contest and RP at a ridiculously fast pace at the same time. xD It does look promising, though.
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Haven't been doing much of anything lately. >.> Mostly I've been alternating between studying frantically for midterms and procrastinating. The Calc midterm is going to eat me dead. x.X I looked back at my old homework and literally blanked out. I have no clue what it's talking about. I foresee much frantic calling of people who are taking/have taken Calculus in the next few weeks.

...Governor's school, too. I don't know whether or not I should apply to Healthcare anymore. I suck horribly at essay-writing in all its incarnations, I have no idea whatsoever about the project's looking bad. Add to that the fact that on the miniscule chance I do get accepted, it'll take five weeks out of my summer, and we've been planning a roadtrip of sorts with a billion college visits which will probably conflict with that.

There's also the question of Schaffer's research project at Lehigh. It's...I dunno, to do with environmental studies and stuff. Apparently the guy who heads it has obtained funding for the project itself, but the matter of funding for a student researcher (me) is still up in the air. If he does obtain funding for the position, I'm staying here instead of going to governor's school. But both are pretty uncertain as is and...gah.

Essentially, I'm not sure if I'm going to apply to governor's school or not, and I'm leaning towards not applying. If the funding for Schaffer's research project is obtained, I'll have something to do at home that will in all likelihood look just as impressive as governor's school. But if it isn't obtained and I haven't applied, I'll be sitting at home with nothing to do, except for college visits. And perhaps studying for Biology, because I plan to take the SAT II for that in October. And maybe I'll ask if Kaplan needs people to grade essays for their SAT prep programs or something.

But yeah. It's a gamble either way. I'm just inclined to not-apply because I'm horribly pessimistic and lazy. :/

On a completely unrelated note, [ profile] arcticfox547 and I have started the PPC manga, which can be found here: [ profile] ppc_manga. Check it out. Only two pages are up but more will appear soon, we promise. :P

On another completely unrelated note, I have begun to write an application to Landel's. After some thought, I decided that as hysterical as it would be to stick Scieszka in Landel's, she probably wouldn't be able to cope with the place. So I'm going with my second choice - a certain Inspector First Class.*

*Actually, I couldn't decide whether to apply as Scieszka or Javert and ended up flipping a coin. >.>
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Got the root canal procedure today. It was okay - didn't really hurt too much, aside from when they were filling the tooth with gutta percha or whatever it is they use. Novocaine wore off a few hours ago so it's starting to hurt again, and apparently I'm not allowed to chew with the right side of my mouth until I get a permanent filling and it's best if I avoid hard foods altogether. T_T There went Thanksgiving dinner.

Also, I have three (possibly four) tests tomorrow. Also, I'm back on Vicodin for the pain and it makes be feel all woobly, and not in a good way either. This is Not Good because I treat Physics as virtually another study hall and I have no idea how to do any of the problems and...yeah. >.>; Also I have 20 redox reaction problems due in Chem tomorrow and I can barely write straight. Um. Yes.

And I missed Euro *and* Collage today. And Jessica says they discussed Voltaire in Euro. And I am sad and angry. Or rather, I would be, if I weren't so drugged up.
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Report card back.

Physics - 96
Chemistry - 93
German - 97
Calculus - 86
English - 97
History of Western Philosophy - 100
Euro - 93

Clearly I suck at Calculus. >.>;

In other news, I get to miss Euro and Collage tomorrow in order to get that root canal thingy done. Hurrah.
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So! Um. Haven't had Euro quotes here for a while. Here we go (these go pretty far back, like early-October-ish or so):

"I call it the Catholic Stadium!" -Miss Furry, on St. Thomas More Catholic Church

"That's what I do when I'm bored. I list the royal family of England back to WIlliam the Conqueror." -Miss Furry

"I don't go to haunted houses. I don't do that sort of thing. Plus it's in the middle of Palmerton, which is in the middle of nowhere, which is scary in and of itself." -Miss Furry

" of those flying nun things with the big hats." -Miss Furry

"These are the days before Saab and Ikea, so Adolphus needs some money." -Miss Furry, on Gustavus Adolphus

"And the Russians were converted to Christianity by...?" -Miss Furry
*dead silence*
"...Jesus?" -Lily

"No, really, there's this foolproof cure for sore throats. You take a spoonful of honey, and you get one of those nasal tape things - " -Jesse
"And then you dance around in a fairy circle and sprinkle flowers around a mighty oak?" -Miss Furry, with accompanying hand motions

"Ah, yes, Mulan. A fount of historical accuracy." -Miss Furry, on the Mongols

"Oh my God! Miss Furry got a haircut!" -Andy, upon seeing Mr. P-Something, our sub

So yeah, today we had a sub, because Miss Furry was out sick, and we had to watch this hilariously low-budget documentary on Peter the Great. It was absolutely hysterical, because every time there was a war or a battle there'd be this shot of a cannon firing, only it was always the exact same cannon and it was the exact same clip, and they didn't even bother moving the cannon around or anything. And the reenactor playing Peter the Great was short and had the fakest mustache known to man, and this is coming from someone who watched Gettysburg all the way through without cracking a smile at the facial hair.

And they kept on showing this painting, right, of Sophia Alekseyevna, except all close-up and creepy, and pretty soon whenever her portrait appeared onscreen the entire class went "WOOOOOOOOOAH SOPHIAAAAAAAAA!" and freaked out the sub. It was great. Going to try to catch up on NaNo. Am over ten thousand words behind. *is off*
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So we were doing a crossword puzzle in AP Euro today when the conversation somehow turned to musicals, which produced the following comments:

"Since we're doing The Diary of Anne Frank for our fall play, we should switch the spring musical from Aida to The Producers. You know, just to keep a theme and everything." -Erika

(insert literally half the class breaking into "Springtime for Hitler," to the general amusement/horror of Miss Furry and the other half of the class)

"I hate West Side Story." -Miss Furry
"But whyyyyyyyyy?" -Erika
"It's unrealistic. I mean, think about it. It's not that other musicals are realistic. I can take singing nuns. But do you seriously expect me to believe that some guy is going to run down the street in a Hispanic community yelling 'Maria! Maria!' and only one girl is going to answer?" -Miss Furry

"- you have no rights! Come with me, 24601! Now the wheel has turned around - " -Mike, under his breath
"Okay. Shut up now." -Andy
"It's a good song!" -Ireny
"You shut up too." -Andy

I also learned that we're almost definitely doing Les Mis next year for our spring musical. I'd heard the rumors and everything, but it's nice to know it's pretty much confirmed. (Now I just have to hope they don't screw it up.) To my surprise, Mike K. was ecstatic about the news and spent the rest of the period babbling about it. I had no idea he liked Les Mis. xD

He mentioned that he'd love to try out for Javert, and...woah. I seriously never thought about Mike as Javert before. I mean, I knew he sang and everything, but the thought just never crossed my mind. But now that I think about it...holy crap, it could work. The part's in his range and while I think he would look silly in the costume, he'd still look better in it than most people who'd try out for Javert. And he agreed with me when I said Chris B. would make a surprisingly good Valjean, despite the fact that I doubt Chris'd be able to hit the high notes in "Bring Him Home."

This is mildly disturbing. o.o

And now I want to try out for stage crew next year, despite the fact that it would screw my schedule up something horrible, you know? I'm already planning to join Academic Team and I don't want to give up my commitments to Collage and Fencing Club, but...gah. It's Mis. Opportunities like that don't just randomly appear. And there's absolutely no way I'd be able to just sit back and not participate.

...but yeah. I'll worry about all that next year. :P
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Mal: Got our pay?
Badger: I'm afraid that won't be happening. See, here I am waiting patiently for you to arrive, when one of my people runs up to me. "Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger!" he says. "What is it, Mushroom?" I say. He tells me about this bulletin --
Mal: Crap. You know about the Alliance imprinting, huh?
Badger: And as such, you get nothing. So sorry.
Snake! Snake! Snaaaaaaaake!
Mal: Shaddup, Jayne. You're right but you're not helping.

Five-Minute Firefly. MAJOR beverage warning. xD

Today was pretty boring, to be honest. Less work than usual, so I started on a few labs due next week. Also, we had the most entertaining Euro class in a very long while. So - quotes!

"Ich spreche kein Englisch! Ich bin dein Koenig! Hallo! Ich heisse Georg! Ich spreche nur Deutsch! Hallo!" -Miss Furry's impersonation of King George I

And that's the only one I remember right now. x.X There are more, I know there are. I'll put them up when I remember.
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Euro presentation tomorrow. Trying desperately not to panic. Procrastinating.

quiz: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? )

Vaguely entertaining thought just hit me right about now: Firefly meets the VI. Who's who? (Or rather, who's whom?)


Oct. 18th, 2006 10:12 pm
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You know your AP Chem class is hardcore when your teacher orders you to show up in class at 6:02 AM on October 23 in order to celebrate Mole Day.

Ah well, it's just another step up in terms of nerdiness. Now, to figure out how to get up at 5:30 in the morning and stay awake for the rest of the day...

Also, I have to admit I do like lab reports for one reason, and one reason alone - I can use all the bloody "to be" verbs I want without fear of repercussions.

*goes back to work*
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SAT I: Could have been better. Could have been worse. Isn't over until I get my score back.

Calculus grade: Is going downhill. Lots. At an alarming pace.

Father: Has finally realized that I am t3h suck at Calculus. Is completely understanding and doesn't mind if I get a B this quarter.

I: Just had a heart attack. Am doubtful if I can even pull a B but will definitely try.

...yeah. Erm. Quizzes! Well, just one.
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