Oct. 13th, 2006 08:39 pm
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Less than twelve hours until the SATs.

I am not going to panic. I am not going to panic at all.

I am not going to panic not going topanicnotgoingtopanicnotgoingtopanic. Breathe.

I am not going to obsessively read previously written essays or look at Critical Reading questions.

I am going to breathe.

I am going to watch more episodes of Firefly.

I am going to relax. I am not going to panic.

See? Look at how relaxed I am. I think an entire conversation was just carried out in Mandarin but I didn't understand a word of it because of everyone's thick American accents. Ha, ha, ha. I am not thinking about the SATs. I am not panicking.


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I turn sixteen in exactly one month.

This is sort of cool.

Mother has started talking about getting my permit before the end of the year.

This is slightly less cool, because I don't want to be known as a serial killer just yet.

I take the SAT in five days.

This is not cool at all.


On a completely unrelated note, the Jane Eyre 2006 message board threads are quite possibly the first time I have ever seen the words "spoiler warning" in conjunction with a nineteenth-century novel. This is by far the most amusing thing I've read in a long while. Doesn't everyone know the ending of Jane Eyre by now? Or at least enough of the population that it won't hurt to say "Jane and Rochester get married" without having to tack up a giant "***SPOILER WARNING!!!***" above it? Apparently not, because there seem to be a lot of people on that board who haven't read the book. But...but still.

(If I just completely ruined the ending of Jane Eyre for you, I'm sorry. But you'll get over it.)

I mean, really. It's a bit like saying "SPOILER WARNING!!! The King returns!" or "SPOILER WARNING!!! Maria marries Captain von Trapp and they all escape the Nazis!" or "SPOILER WARNING!!! The Titanic sinks!" or "SPOILER WARNING!!! Darth Vader is actually Luke's father!" or "SPOILER WARNING!!! The deadly missile attack shortly to be launched by an ancient automatic defence system will result merely in the breakage of three coffee cups and a mousecage, the bruising of somebody's upper arm, and the untimely creation and sudden demise of a bowl of petunias and an innocent sperm whale!"

Which brings up an interesting point about which I'd like to hear from you - what constitutes a spoiler and what doesn't? Is it taken off the spoiler list when the majority of the fandom knows about it? When and how is that determined? Can I now safely say "Dumbledore dies in Book Six," or did I just commit a major HP faux pas and should I be sentenced to fifteen consecutive viewings of the Bakshi LotR? When does a spoiler cease to become, well, a spoiler?

Discuss. *waves hands*
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Got the results of my SAT Diagnostic Test back yesterday - 2020. 680 in Math, 660 in Critical Reading, and 680 in Writing. All in all, I guess I'm fairly happy with it. I could've done better on the Inference/Reasoning section of the Critical Reading as I only got half the questions right there, but I guess that's what I'm taking these classes for. :P And my essay was utter crap but I still managed a 5 on it. oO

And I've only just managed to start my AP Chem homework, too. x.X Thankfully it's mostly stoich, and I'm relatively good at that.
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SAT prep classes start tomorrow morning for me. I've got another of the classes on Thursday, so between that and Calc tutoring, I'll be pretty busy. I haven't started my July AP Chem homework, either. @_@ If I'm not on AIM or the VI as much the next two weeks, that'll be why. I'll do my best to stay on top of things, though, and I'll definitely be on at least once a day.

So. Um. Yeah. x.X


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