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Okay, so I set like a new land speed record for fastest Western blot ever done and sprinted all the way down to Hurd Hall...only to get turned away at the door along with like what seemed like half of Asia. I didn't even catch a glimpse of him.

...on the bright side, at least I got within twenty-five meters of Dr. James Watson?

ETA: And now BoltBus has canceled our tickets to New York tomorrow on account of impending snowstorm of death. We had tickets to the Colbert Report.

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Good things about being a research assistant at my lab:

-The lab is small, everyone knows everyone else, and everyone gets along with everyone else.
-You get your own project within half a year of joining the lab.
-The PI is personally invested in your project and so stops by every day to give you helpful advice.

Bad things about being a research assistant at my lab:

-Because of all of the above, you're in the lab from 9 to 5 running about a billion Western blots all at the same time and can't afford to sneak across the street to the hospital proper when Dr. James Watson (of, you know, Watson and Crick fame) is giving a presentation.

maybe i can pay the postdoc to cover my gels for two hours
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Quick question for those of you who've gotten research positions at universities and the like!

When sending an initial email to the doctor/professor expressing your interest, is there anything in particular you should include? Besides the obvious, I mean - assume I've got a resume attached, have read and mentioned a paper or two in the email, and have listed a few reasons why I'm interested in participating. I don't have any experience but I think I can phrase that in a slightly-more-than-less-than-satisfactory light; I just get the feeling that there's something I can do to make myself stand out, and I don't know what it is.

My top three preferred positions are all in pathology, if that helps. It probably doesn't. Anyway, thanks in advance!


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