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Spoke to my PI--there might be an unpaid summer internship available in Freiburg, as he's got a colleague over there. The chances of my getting in are pretty good, as I've been a pretty reliable worker over the six months that I've been here, and I'll probably do pretty well in Freiburg since the lab over there is working on the same stuff we are.

The only problem is that this is an independently arranged project, so I won't be eligible for the DAAD scholarship. And living expenses in Germany are, shall we say, somewhat high.

But it's a start! Now I have to decide which of my organs to sell so I can actually pay rent over there. Not my liver, though, I'm going to be needing that.

I do realize that just about 99% of my LJ posts these days are about me trying to go to Germany, and for that I can only apologize, but, um. This is kind of a big deal for me. So.
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I hereby resolve that by the time I graduate in May of 2012, I will have done the following.

1. Lived in Germany for at least three months.
2. Pursued a worthwhile academic venture during that time, preferably related to the study of biology.
3. Gone to at least one 1. Bundesliga football game and one National football game during that time.
4. Received financial aid, whether by grant or by scholarship, for at least the first two goals.
5. Punched everyone who got in the way of the above in the middle of their face.

I expect all of you to hold me to that. Especially the last one.


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